Game Pikachu Fruit

Game Pikachu fruit is a completely new version of the variant Pikachu classic.

Players in this game will be immersed into the world of colorful fruit, what is rambutan, orange, mandarin, strawberry?

Play Pikachu Fruit

The interface is completely renovated, but the gameplay is still the same major version.  To play Pikachu Fruit 2016 is very simple, you choose two of the same images on the screen and connect them together.

Very simple, isn’t it?

There is a small rule that they have limits on duration, therefore, it requires players to be very quick and complete the level. Duration of the game is based on the energy bar. If the energy bar is empty, then you must start again from the beginning.

Pikachu Game Fruit best 2015:

  • 3D images are rich, varied and colorful
  • The game has many levels to comfortably conquer
  • The sounds create a lively, more interesting game

Pikachu fruit

The game has simple gameplay from kids to an extreme level. Also, we update daily. Join now and try to see if you can conquer the levels.

In addition, in your game flash there is a lot of other games that are popular. Don’t forget to play the game in moderation to stay healthy. Download it free at

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