History of the game ” Stardew Valley”

The idea of “Stardew Valley” is very simple. You created a character and defined his appearance – from the hair to the color of his pants. Early in the game, your hero had quit his job at a giant Corporation to live in an idyllic village called Pelican town, where he inherited his grandfather’s old abandoned farm. Together with your character you will grow crops, build relationships with the villagers and return the Pelican town to its former greatness.

The game does not have high-end 3D graphics or a soundtrack recorded with an orchestra. Stardew Valley uses hand-drawn two-dimensional sprites and music composed by using an inexpensive audio program called Reason. Can be used in Stardew valley mods on Linux, Mac, Windows.

In mid-2012, after almost a year of daily work on “Stardew Valley”, Baron (Creator of the game) launched his website and began to post information about the game on the forums of fans of” Harvest Moon”, where there were many people who shared his belief that the series was losing ground. All of them instantly switched attention to”Stardew Valley”. The game looked lively and colorful – like an unknown cartridge for Super Nintendo.

In September 2012, Baron put “Stardew Valley” on Steam Greenlight. Soon after, British developer Finn Bryce approached Eric with a proposal. In exchange for 10% of the profits, Chucklefish was ready to become the actual publisher of Stardew Valley.

Once a month, Eric published news on the site “Stardew Valley”, described the new features (Fruit trees! The flock! Fertilizer!) and tried to instill in fans optimism. By the end of 2013, he had hundreds of loyal supporters browsing his blog and leaving friendly comments there.

Six months later, 1.5 million copies of Stardew Valley were sold. Since its release, the game has brought almost 21 million dollars. Eric, who was 28 years old had more than $ 12 million in his Bank account.

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