Game Fashion Star

Game Fashion Star is a game designed to pattern clothes, dresses, outfit, and accessories. In this game, you will be made a famous fashion star. The game promises to bring people to a leisurely space incredibly new and unique. Not only that, but players also earn more experiences in fashion.

Are you ready to play the game?

Play game Fashion Star

With game Fashion Star 360 mobi, you will be very creative. Starting on the game screen, you will choose 1 of 5 characters to help people get the clothes and dress before the staged fashion show. In the wardrobe, there are many designs and different colors for the outfit to unleash your creativity.

The main features of the game Fashion Stars 2016

  • You will become a famous fashion star designer.
  • Choose and add 5 people for more charm.
  • Together Great styles and different colors to suit each body shape.
  • Game Fashion Star is storming the game world with the number of people involved in the game.
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